​The group participates in experiments at various accelerator facilities. The list below is sorted by the time of the production data-taking. After that, the data is analysed, by varying members of the collaborations performing the experiments.


  • S449, Jun-Jul, R3B setup, FAIR: Coulomb dissociation of 16O into 12C and 4He.
  • S515, Apr, R3B setup, FAIR: Constraining energy-density functionals and the symmetry energy.
  • S455, Feb-Mar, R3B setup, FAIR: Fission studies @R3B: Coulomb excitation.
  • S455, Feb, R3B setup, FAIR: Fission studies @R3B: quasi-free (p,2p) scattering.


  • S444, Apr & Jun, R3B setup, FAIR: R3B Commissioning.
  • S467, Feb, R3B setup, FAIR: Single-particle structure of neutron-rich Ca isotopes


  • S454, Apr, R3B setup, GSI: Studying the astrophysical reaction rate of 12C(\alpha,\gamma)16O.
  • S473, Feb, R3B setup, GSI: Measurements of accurate cross sections with R3B.
  • S444, Feb, R3B setup, GSI: R3B Commissioning.


  • IS561C, Oct-Nov, CERN-ISOLDE: Transfer reactions at the neutron dripline with a triton target.


  • E753, Oct, GANIL: Shell effects and N/Z on high-energy fission and quasi-fission
  • IS619, Aug, CERN-ISOLDE: Neutron halo in 15C scattering at Coulomb barrier energies.
  • IS561, Oct, CERN-ISOLDE: 9Li(t,p)11Li: Transfer reactions at the neutron dripline with a triton target.


  • IS561, Oct, CERN-ISOLDE: Experimental study of 10Li with low energy (d,p) reactions.
  • IS605, May, IDS, CERN-ISOLDE: βα-decay of 16N.


  • SAMURAI21, Nov-Dec, SAMURAI, RIKEN: Spectroscopy of unbound oxygen isotopes II.


  • IS577, Oct, CERN-ISOLDE: β-3p spectroscopy and p-γ width determination in the decay of 31Ar.
  • IS525, Oct, CERN-ISOLDE: Study of multi-neutron emission in the β-decay of 11Li.
  • S438, Apr & Sep, LAND/R3B setup, GSI: R3B setup test beam (NeuLAND, Si-tracker, CALIFA, active target).


  • S406, Nov, LAND/R3B setup, GSI: Characterization of NeuLAND prototypes and the LAND detector.
  • IS512, Aug, CERN-ISOLDE: Resonant proton scattering of 22Mg and 21Na.
  • IS541, Jul & Dec, CERN-ISOLDE: Search for beta-delayed protons from 11Be.
  • I83, Jul, CERN-ISOLDE: Tilted-foils polarization at REX-ISOLDE.
  • S412, Apr, LAND/R3B setup, GSI: Dipole and quadrupole excitations in neutron-rich Sn nuclei: 128,134Sn.


  • IS476, Oct, CERN-ISOLDE: Studies of β-delayed two-proton emission: 31Ar.


  • S389, Sep, LAND setup, GSI: 60Fe.
  • S393, Aug-Sep, LAND setup, GSI: Light exotic nuclei.


  •  S327, Aug, LAND setup, GSI: Dipole response of 32Ar and 34Ar.
  •  I123, Jan, IGISOL, JYFL: β decay of 8B.


  • S296, Sep-Oct, LAND setup, GSI: Quasifree Hadronic Scattering Studies of Exotic Nuclei. Beam of 12C.
  • S318, Aug, LAND setup, GSI: Study of the Borromean dripline nucleus 17Ne.


  • S295, May, LAND setup, GSI: Photodissociation experiments of astrophysical interest.
  • S287, Apr-May, LAND setup, GSI: Dipole strength in Ni isotopes.


  • IS367, Jun, REX, CERN-ISOLDE: Study of the Unbound Nuclei 10Li and 7He at REX ISOLDE.


  • S245, Sep, LAND setup, GSI: Studies of bound and unbound nuclei near and at the driplines. Beam of 8He, 11Li, 14Be.

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