Research within the Condensed Matter Physics group is mainly of experimental nature and directed towards the fundamental physical properties of complex and/or disordered materials such as glasses, polymers, solid ionic conductors, nano-structures, biological materials, energy related materials, high-temperature superconductors and strongly correlated electron systems. The macroscopic properties of such materials can be controlled in wide ranges using tailored molecular design. The new materials are expected to find industrial and environmental applications in fields such as information, communication, energy and clinical technology.

Johansson Research Group
Our research aims at developing novel materials and concepts enabling efficient and sustainable energy storage technologies, primarily batteries. We combine advanced quantum mechanical simulations and experimental characterisation with studies of real world device functionality.
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Matic Research Group

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Scheers Research Group

We are using computational modelling to explore the interactions of
electrolyte components with reduced oxygen species and electrode
surfaces in lithium-oxygen batteries. The aim is to design electrolytes
that are resistant to decomposition by oxygen species.
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Published: Tue 14 May 2013. Modified: Sun 11 Feb 2018