Research Projects

3D printed bioinspired composites
3D printing optimization and method development are the main topics of the research. Bioispired polymer-ceramic composites are 3D printed in order to induce anysotropy in the macrostructure of the final object. This anisotropy is able to taylor the mechanical properties to adapt it to the final application. The project is centered in the 3D printing process and the optimisation of their parameters. The analysis of the structure is focused on Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS) in 2D and SAXS Tensor Tomography of the 3D printed bioinspired nanocomposites.

​Structuring of fibrillar systems under flow studied with SAXS
Controlled alignment of anisotropic materials, for example cellulose nanofibrils is of high interest, since their mechanical properties are highly dependent on the orientation. 3D printing, electrospinning and materials in flow are studied by SAXS. This work involves development of suitable sample environments aiming towards in-situ studies. The project is related to the development of the ForMAX beamline at MAX IV, which will be a combined SAXS and imaging beamline, in particular aimed at the Swedish forest industry.
Barbara Berke​​                                                                

Published: Tue 19 Mar 2019.