Selected Publications

Liebi, M., Georgiadis, M., Kohlbrecher, J., Holler, M., Raabe, J., Usov, I., Menzel, A., Schneider, P., Bunk, O., Guizar-Sicairos, M. 
Small-angle X-ray scattering tensor tomography: Model of 3D reciprocal-space map, reconstruction algorithm, and angular sampling requirements. 

- Kumar Rajasekhara, A., Lotsari, A., Lutz-Bueno, V., Liebi, M., Andersson, M.
Bioinspired Structural Hierarchy within Macroscopic Volumes of Synthetic Composites

- Vogt, U., Parfeniukas, K., Stankevič, T., Kalbfleisch, S., Liebi, M., Matej, Z., Björling, A., Carbone, G., Mikkelsen, A. & Johansson, U. 
First x-ray nanoimaging experiments at NanoMAX

Lutz-Bueno, V., Zhao, J., Mezzenga, R., Pfohl, T., Fischer, P., Liebi, M.  
Scanning-SAXS of Microfluidic Flows: Nanostructural Mapping of Soft Matter. 

- Liebi, M., Georgiadis, M., Menzel, A., Schneider, P., Kohlbrecher, J., Bunk, O., Guizar-Sicairos, M. 
Nanostructure surveys of macroscopic specimens by small-angle scattering tensor tomography. 


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