Chemical Physics News


2021-04-01 We wish Linnea Strandberg welcome to Chemical Physics! Linnea is a new PhD student working with Björn on fuel cells.

2021-03-12 Congratulations to Alvaro for a great PhD thesis defense! Well done Dr. Posada-Borbon!

2021-02-25 Yingxin's paper on mechanisms for N2O formation during NH3-SCR is published. See here!

2021-02-15 New paper by Lin on the H2O2 formation over Pd-catalysts. See here!

2021-01-28 Congratulations to Iwan for a very successful PhD thesis defense! Well done Dr. Darmadi!

2021-01-21 New paper by Alvaro and Noemi on the visibility of oxygen vacancies in O1s XPS. See here!

2021-01-02 New paper by Unni on methane-to-methanol conversion in Cu-SSZ-13. See here!

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