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2019-10-01 We have vacant post-doc positions with Computational Catalysis. Have a look at:​

2019-09-30 Congratulations to the paper "A nanofluidic device for parallel single nanoparticle catalysis in solution" by Christoph Langhammer's group (Joachim, Sara and Christoph) with their collaborators published on Nature Communications. See the​.

2019-09-01 Congratulations to the paper "Effective removal of mercury from aqueous streams via electrochemical alloy formation on platinum" by Björn and Cristian be the one of the 50 most read Nature Communications chemistry and materials science articles published in 2018.  See the link:​

2019-08-20 Congratulations to Alvaro and Henrik for a new paper "CO2 adsorption on hydroxylated In2O3(110)" published in Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics and they also got the frontcover image for the journal, see

2019-08-19 We have a new PhD student Yingxin Feng. She will work with Henrik and her project is about the abatement of the "laughing gas" N2O from the engine's exhaust. Welcome!

2019-08-19 Mikkel and Henrik have published a perspective paper in ACS Catalysis on
reaction kinetics on metal nanoparticles, see:​

2019-05-31 Congratulations to Alvaro, Iwan and Sara for passing the licentiate defense! Well done!

2019-05-17 Congratulations to Adam for a very successful PhD thesis defense! Much applause to Dr. Arvidsson!

2019-04-01 Congratulations to Ferry and his coworkers for a new paper published in Nature 

2019-03-29 Congratulations to Mikkel for a very successful PhD thesis defense!​ Now he is Dr. Jørgensen. 

2019-03-06 New paper by Mikkel and Henrik on 'Strain Affects CO Oxidation on Metallic Nanoparticles Non-linearly' in Topics in Catalysis, see​

2019-02-15 Many congratulations to Ferry for winning The Best Thesis Award 2018! 


2018-11-19 Welcome Dr. Gregor Zerjav to join our group as a visiting researcher. He will work here for six months.  

2018-11-09 We have a new PhD student, Noemi Bosio.​ She will work with Henrik. Welcome!

2018-11-05 Björn Wickman was interviewed by the Swedish Radio concerning fuel cells. Listen at:​ ​​(starting at 42:15).​

2018-11-01 Congratulations to both Björn and Christoph for receiving funding from VR!​

2018-10-12 Two open PhD positions in Computational Catalysis. More information at:

2018-10-02 Congratulations​ to David for his outstanding lic presentations! 

2018-09-28 Congratulations​ to Mikael for his outstanding lic presentations! 

2018-09-25 New paper by Alvaro, Henrik and their co-workers at Lund University on "Steps control the dissociation of CO2 on Cu(100)​" in J. Am. Chem. Soc., see

2018-08-29 New paper by Ferry, Iwan and their coworkers is recently accepted in ACS NANO, see

2018-08-21 What is the entropy of small molecules in the porous materials--zeolites? This has been investigated by Mikkel, Lin and Henrik and recently published in J. Phys. Chem. C, see​.

2018-08-03 ​New paper in ACS Catalysis by Maxime , Henrik and co-workers at Lund University, University of Florida and Ohio State University on ligand effects in the reactivity of PdO(101), see​

2018-07-13 How does strain influence catalytic activity of nanoparticles? This is studied by Mikkel, Henrik and 
colleagues at the Competence Centre for Catalysis and recently published in Nature Communications, see​.

2018-05-24 Congratulations​ to Ferry for a very successful PhD thesis defense! He will continue his research work in our group as a post-doc.

2018-05-09 Congratulations to Alvaro, Henrik and their coworkers for a new paper "Initial oxidation of Cu(100) studied by X-ray photo-electron spectroscopy and density functional theory calculations" published in  Surface Science

2018-05-09 Congratulations to Maxime, Henrik and their coworker for a new paper "Tight-Binding Approximation ​Enhanced Global Optimization" published in  J. Chem. Theory Comput.,

2018-05-09 Björn, Henrik and their coworkers were invited to design the cover for the ChemSusChem issue
for their latest published paper (see the previous news). They also got the chance to appear in the “cover profile” in the same issue. Congratulations! 

The cover and cover profile are at:

2018-05-07 Congratulations to Björn and his coworkers from Linköping University for a new paper 
"W‐Based Atomic Laminates and Their 2D Derivative W1.33C MXene with Vacancy Ordering" published 

2018-04-09 Mikael, Zafer, Johan and Lin formed a table tennis group named "Spin-racket Coupling". They will attend the pingistävlingen this year. Good luck with the match! Mycket bra​!

2018-04-06 We welcome a new group member Ievgen to do further research as a post doc in our group. His research area is to develop a methodology for the study of heterogeneous catalysis on individual metal nanoparticles. 

2018-03-27 Congratulations to Lin and her coworkers for a new paper "Effect of Al-distribution on oxygen activation over Cu-CHA" published in Catalysis Science & Technology
2018-03-26 Congratulations to Björn and his coworkers for a new paper "Fuel cell measurements with cathode catalysts of sputtered Pt3Y thin films" published in ChemSusChem

2018-03-25 Congratulations to Aadesh and his coworkers for a new paper "Hydrogen Treatment and FeOOH overlayer: Effective approaches for enhancing the photoelectrochemical water oxidation performance of bismuth vanadate thin films" published in Catalysis Today

2018-03-14 Congratulations to Mikkel and Henrik for a new paper "The Site‐Assembly Determines Catalytic Activity of Nanoparticles" published in Angewandte Chemie,

2018-03-04 Open PhD-position in computational nano-catalysis. More information at:

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