Bionanophotonics group, picture taken in spring 2018.
Back (from left to right):
Michael Stührenberg, Battulga Munkhbat, Nils Odebo Länk, Benjamin Rousseaux, Peter Wang, Martin Wersäll, Thomas Green, Timur Shegai.

Middle (from left to right): Mikael Käll, Ankit Bisht, Tomasz Antosiewicz, Daniel Andrén, Partha Pratim Patra, Ruggero Verre, Denis Baranov, Aili Maimaiti, Steven Jones.

Front (from left to right): Adriana Canales Ramos, Noemi Bosio, Hana Sipova, Jade Martinez Llinas.

Missing from photo: Peter Johansson.

Division of Bionanophotonics

The Division of Bionanophotonics is engaged in fundamental and applied nanophotonics and biophotonics studies at the international research frontier. The Division hosts two principal investigators / group leaders, Professor Mikael Käll (head of division) and Docent Timur Shegai. Many of the current projects deals with plasmons in metal nanostructures and their interactions with molecules and other nanoobjects. The group is truly international (currently 10 nationalities represented) and consists of MSc and PhD students, post docs and senior scientists. We do experiments, theory and computer simulations and we are  heavy users of Chalmers Nanofabrication Laboratory and Chalmers Materials Analysis Laboratory. We also have a number in house experimental facilities, mainly various optical microscopy and spectroscopy setups. We are always intrested in talanted and enthusiastic MSc, PhD or post doc candidates - just give us a call or e-mail Mikael and/or Timur!

APRIL 2018
  • 20180417: Post doc Hana Sipova will present her talk "Probing of Biomolecular Films with Single Gold Nanomotors" at the Women in Photonics workshop in Jena, Germany.
APRIL 2018
MARCH 2018
  • 20180327:  Peter Zijlstra from Eindhoven University of Technology visited and gives talk on "Plasmon-enhanced detection on single molecules".
  • 20180306: New publication in ACS Photonics by Hana Sipova et al. "Photothermal DNA Release from Laser-Tweezed Individual Gold Nanomotors Driven by Photon Angular Momentum".

    FEBRUARY 2018


    • 20180227: We welcome Noemi Bosio from Turin Politechnico! Noemi will do a six month MSc project on sensing, supervised by Ruggero Verre.


    • 20180221: Professor Mikael Käll gave his lecture "Optically Driven Plasmonic Nanomotors" at ICFO, Barcelona, Spain.


    • 20180219: We welcome our new post doc Aili Miamaiti from OIST Graduate University, Okinawa, Japan. Aili will do a two year post doc focusing on high index nanophotonics. 


    • 20180216: We say goodbye to Pawel Karpinski, who leave after two years of successful post doc work for a position at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology. Good luck in your future research career Pawel!



    • 20180205: Associate Professor Timur Shegai gave a lecture on "Strong Light-Matter Interactions" at the Physics "Department day".


    • 20180201: Professor Mikael Käll gave his invited talk "Optically Driven Plasmonic Nanomotors" at the Photonics West conference in San Fransisco, California, USA.


    JANUARY 2018




    •  20180118: Guillaime Baffou from Institute Fresnel visited and gave a talk on "Thermoplasmonics". 


    DECEMBER 2017


    • 20171215: Traditional Christmas table and games at Liseberg amusement park!


    NOVEMBER 2017


    • 20171117: Professor Mikael Käll gave his lecture "Plasmonic nanostructures" at University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.


    • 20171102: Professor Mikael Käll gave his lecture "Plasmonics for molecular sensing and spectroscopy" at Australian National University, Canberra, Australia.


    OCTOBER 2017




    SEPTEMBER 2017



    • 20170901: We welcome our new post doc Partha Patrim Patra from Pohang University of Science and Technology! Partha will do a two year post doc focused on high index nanoparticle laser trapping and thermodynamics.


    AUGUST 2017




    • 20170820: We welcome our new visiting PhD student "Peter" Chi Wang from Shaanxi Normal University! Peter will be with us for one year.


    • 20170807: PhD student Steven Jones presented his talk "Thermal Effects in Plasmonic Optical Tweezers and their Implications for Nano-Biomolecule Manipulation" at the SPIE conference in San Diego, California, USA.


    • 20170807Post doc Hana Sipova presented her talk "Probing of Biomolecular Films with Colloidal Nanomotors" at the SPIE conference in San Diego, California, USA.


    JULY 2017



    JUNE 2017



    MAY 2017

    • 20170526: PhD student Daniel Andrén presented his talk "Nanoscale Photothermal Effects on Optically Trapped Rotating Gold Nanorods" at the SPP8 conference in Taipei, Taiwan.
    • 20170525: Post doc Denis Baranov presented his poster "Ideal Light Capturing by a Hermitian System" at the SPP8 conference in Taipei, Taiwan.
    • 20170524: Staff scientist Ruggero Verre presented his poster "Self-referenced Methods for Refractometric Plasmonic Sensing" at the SPP8 conference in Taipei, Taiwan.
    • 20170522: Post doc Denis Baranov presented his poster "Free Carriers Photoexcitation as a Platform for Ultrafast Tunable Dielectric Nanoantennas" at the SPP8 conference in Taipei, Taiwan.
    • 20170522: Staff scientist Ruggero Verre presented his talk "Cathodoluminescence Nanoscopy of Plasmonic Nanostructures" at the SPP8 conference in Taipei, Taiwan.
    • 20170520: Post doc Hana Sipova presented her talk "Probing of Biomolecular Films and their Temperature Induced Transitions with Rotating Gold Nanorods" at the Molecular Plasmonics meeting in Jena, Germany.

    • 20170516: PhD student Nils Odebo Länk presented his poster "Total Internal Absorption in Silicon Metasurfaces" at the DINAMO 2017 conference in Siglufjördur, Iceland.
    • 20170516: Professor Mikael Käll presented his talk "Probing and Manipulating Resonant Nanostructures with Chiral Light" at the DINAMO 2017 conference in Siglufjördur, Iceland.

    APRIL 2017

    • 20170406: The Shegai Group had a 2 day workshop on Strong Coupling in Rörbäck, Bokenäs, Sweden. See some pictures from the event here: Pic1, Pic2, Pic3
    • 20170403: New Post doc position: "Pase-Gradient Metasurfaces" is announced and possible for application. Deadline for application is 20170515.

    MARCH 2017

    • 20170330: We say goodbye to Dr. Srdjan Acimovic, who will leave us after a successful post doc. Thanks for all and good luck Srdjan!
    • 20170324: Kristofer Bodvard's last thesis paper published in Nature Communications! Kristofer defended his PhD thesis in in the BNP Division a long time ago, in 2012 to be specific. It contained one manuscript that is now eventually published, after a lot of additional hard work by his co-supervisor Mikael Molin and co-workers. The title of the paper is "Light-sensing via hydrogen peroxide and a peroxiredoxin" and it can be downloaded here. An interview (in Swedish) with Mikael Molin, who is a researcher at the Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology at Göteborg University, can be found here.
    • 20170323: We say goodbye to Dr. Lei Shao, who leave us after three successful post doc years to take up a researcher position in Hong Kong. Thanks for all and Good Luck Lei!
    • 20170323: Great news - Mikael will get extended support as a "Wallenberg Scholar" from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation! The funding supports Mikael's research with 3 MSkr per year for a total of no less than ten years (starting 2012)!


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