Total Internal Reflection (TIRF) Microscope

Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF) Microscopy is a special type of Fluorescence Microscopy, in which only a thin layer right above the surface is imaged, while the fluorescent background is suppressed, thanks to the total internal reflection setup. 

Our TIRF microscopes are two Nikon Ti Eclipse with the following equipment:

  • Blue (488 nm, 20 mW) and green (532 nm, 100 mW) solid state lasers for FRAP
  • Intensilight (white light source)
  • CoolLED (400, 465 and 525 nm, diod light source)
  • Port for TIRF illumination with laser light through fiber entrance
  • Perfect focus system
  • 60x oil objective for TIRF
  • 60x water objective with long working distance (~2 mm)
  • 20x air objective
  • 10x air objective
  • 4x air objective
  • Cy3, Cy5, DAPI, TRITC and FITC filter cube
  • Andor Ixon DU-987 EM-CCD camera
  • Andor Neo CMOS Camera

Page manager Published: Thu 17 Sep 2015.