Departmental Advisory Team

There is a Departmental Advisory Team with external as well as internal members in each Department. The work undertaken by the Departmental Advisory Team is based on Chalmers’ overall vision, goals and strategies, so that the Department’s operations form part of a broader picture.

External representatives

Kristen Kraiberg Knudsen , The President's representative, Space, Earth and Environment
Ulf Bengtzelius,
Chairman, Value Model Arusid AB
Ulf Högman, GKN Aerospace
Mats Lindroos, European Spallation Source (ESS)
Anna Nyberg, Ericsson​
Ronald Österbacka, Åbo akademi

Internal representatives

Thomas Nilsson, Head of Department, Physics
Katarina Logg, Technical and Administrative staff representative
Christoph Langhammer, Teachers' representative
Mathias Hoppe, PhD students' representative
Ugné MiniotaitéStudents' representative 
Eva Olsson, Teachers' representative

Page manager Published: Wed 15 Sep 2021.