Master's thesis projects

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Master's thesis projects 2022

Abating Temperature Drift in Nanoplasmonic Hydrogen Sensors

Ab initio modelling of small polarons in mixed halide perovskites ​

Ab initio modelling of two-dimensional van der Waals heterostructures​

Ab initio-based neural networks for modeling semiconductor/water interface

Active thermal glass​​
Advanced applications of biogenic nanomaterials - photoelectrochemical solar cells​

A look inside the working battery​
Analysis of the microstructure of cemented carbide materials​​
Assessing the effect of surface nitrogen on the water-splitting reaction on BiVO4

Building batteries from wood

 CFD modelling of weld pool in GMAW - a study on the effect of chemical composition and welding parameters

Classification of equine gait patterns in real-world environments

Collective dynamics of autonomous robots in a complex environment​

Computational Approach to Nanofluidic Scattering Spectroscopy​

Computational study of extreme plasma dynamics​
Coupled Multi-Scale Modelling of Short Fiber Reinforced Composites​​
Creating a reactive force field engine for materials physics simulations​​
Dark Matter particle phenomenology​
Deep learning enriched micro-mechanical modelling of elasto-plastic behavior of short fiber reinforced composites​

Deep Learning for Particle Tracking​
Deep Learning for Optical Tweezers​
Deep Reinforcement Learning for Optimization of Nanofluidic Chip Design​
Development of novel Quantum Algorithms for Near-term Quantum Devices for Chemical and Physical Problem Cases​
Developing parallization methods for kinetic Monte Carlo simulations​​
Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy and its applications​
Electromagnetic Metamaterials 
Electronic structure of twisted bilayer graphene systems​

Estimating gait parameters using sensor fusion​

Fingerprint scanning using graphene transistors at terahertz frequency​​
Fission, FPGAs and VHDL

Förbättra bandysporten​

Generating highly entangled microwave quantum states​
Handling calibration parameters​
Help us understand climate change all the way into space​​
High energy lithium-ion cells - test and characterization​
Identification of Material Parameters in Batteries​
Instantons in disordered semiconductors

Ion transport mechanism of salt-doped single-ion conducting polymer electrolytes​
​Machine learning assisted quantum computing​ 
Machine learning enhanced design of short fiber reinforced composites​
Machine learning for brain connectivity analysis​
Machine Learning Models for Mixed Halide Perovskites​

Machine-learning models for molecular simulations​
Machine learning strategies to predict ion transport through a porous Structural Battery Electrolyte​​
Master projects at the Ultrafast Photonics laboratory, 2021​
Measure and model the electrochemical properties of Li-ion batteries​​
Measuring Photon Upconversion using an Integrating Sphere
Mercury Decontamination of Aqueous Solutions Using a Novel Method​
Modeling and simulation of controlled drug delivery systems​
Modelling Electrochemical Reactions in Swimming Pool Water​​
Modelling electron transport across superconducting junctions​

Modeling The Shape Evolution of Nanoalloys
Nanofabrication of PC for UV emitting PCSELs​

Neural-network based modeling of structural properties of mixed halide perovskites

Non-Hermitian quantum sensing​
Numerical simulations of reaction-diffusion systems
Optical characterization of sprays from advanced fuel injection systems​​
Optimization of electroplated bond pads for flip-chip devices​

Passive Radar for aircraft detection​​

Predicting the Cancer Tumor Position in a Liver Using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)​

Predicting neurodegenerative diseases with graph neural networks

Samurai Monte Carlo​​

Self-consistent phonons and more​
Sensitized Molecular Switches (30 or 60 credits)​
Simulation of AlGaN tunnel junctions​​​​
Simulation of relaxation timescales in 2D Fermi liquids

Single Nanoparticle Characterization in Catalysis​

Sputtered AlN layers for UV and nonlinear photonics​

Statistical Learning For Modeling Complex Carbides

Strong Coupling Between Plasmon and Single-Photon Emitters​

Strong interactions in topological quantum materials
Studies of water’s influence on conductivity and structure for polymer-salt-H2O systems​
Study of the bone quality in critical size bone defects by birefringence imaging​
Supersymmetry in Optics​​

Systematic investigation of the effect of complex flow fields on nanocellulose suspensions by birefringence imaging​

Systematic investigation of the solid state structure of pharmaceutical 

materials by small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS)​

Towards more efficient solar cells: modelling of band gaps of mixed halide perovskites​​​
Transient phenomena in quantum materials
Understanding high-temperature deformation mechanisms in cemented carbide materials
Universal correlations in non-interacting Fermi gases​​
Unveiling Na-ion storage mechanism in Na-ion batteries by operando Surface Plasmon Resonance spectroscopy       
Vertex models on a quantum computer
Quantum mechanical descriptions of chemical reactions​​

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