Student projects

You can find all available student projects offered on advanced level below. Please note that some of the listed items below contain several projects within a thematic subject. For projects on Bachelor level, please visit our Swedish webpage.

Master's thesis projects 2017: 

High-performance simulation-based statistical methods for particle systems
MSc thesis projects in Materials for Energy Technology, Quantum Devices and Soft Matter
Determination of swelling of superabsorbent polymers using environmental SEM- A collaboration with SCA
Study of Strain Effects on Heat Transport in 2D Materials
Magnetostriction Effect on Heat Transport in Metallic Nanolayers
H/D isotope effect in proton conducting oxides
Monte Carlo and space charge formation
Development of LSPR biosensor for ultrasensitive detection of biomolecule
Modeling of interlayer excitons in Van der Waals heterostructures
Microscopic modeling of graphene-based Landau-level lasers
Master Thesis Project on Confined Aqueous Solutions
A Nano Flow Cytometer for Single Exosome Analysis
How does the herpes simplex virus bind and release from the surface of a host cell?
Renewable Energy Carriers from Sea Water 
Quantum Mechanical Calculations of Adsorbate Entropies In Catalytic Reactions
Co-localization of Virus and Cell-Membrane Receptors
Modeling Molecular Energy Storage
Modeling Photochromism in Oxyhydrides
Living State Physics – where Physics meets Physiology
Effects of high temperature cycling on lithium ion cell aging
Electromagnetic Metamaterials
Electromagnetic Properties of Biological Materials
Collisional dynamics of heavy ions in transport barriers of fusion reactors
Relativistic chaos in laser-matter interactions
Control of runaway electrons in tokamaks
Data Analysis and Modelling of Neural Multi-Electrode-Array (MEA) Data

Measurement in the long jump pit
Making fuel from sunlight
Improving water quality in swimming pools
Development of graphene-CNT hybrid for electronics packaging applications
New method to develop 2D layered materials for electronics applications
Post-synthesis processing of graphene for electronics packaging applications
Pressure distribution on horses - in association with PS of Sweden
Nonlinear nanomechanics
Help the Swedish Cross-Country Skiing Team to Win Olympic Gold
Detection of damage in equine hoof
Bright high-energy photon sources from laser-heated hohlraums
supramolecular@home – distributed computing for in silico design of mesoscale materials
Theory of Plasmonic Nanoparticles
Thermoelectrics from First-Principles
Strong plasmon-exciton coupling: quantum effects at room temperature
Materials science in sports – sail shrinkage
Utveckla en pedagogisk tävlingshängbänk
OS-guld i bågskytte 2020

Remote characterization of soft material properties by magnetic nanoparticles – two MSc projects
Hjälp oss minska väldens köttkonsumtion med hjälp av materialvetenskap
Effect of micro-structure geometry on diffusion-weighted MR signal: A simulation study
Optionsvärdet av en limitorder

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