Student Office

The Student Office  at Physics is where students come to pick up their exams, if the course is given by the Department of Physics. You can pick up your exam after the results have been reported in Ladok and the exam has been submitted to the Studen Office. Please make an appointment to pick up your exam, by sending an e-mail to studieadm.f@chalmers.se, stating the following:

  • ​Name and social security number
  • Date of the exam or exam period
  • The course's code​
The visiting address is Fysikgården 1, Origo floor 5 (Verksamhetsstöd F). Bring your ID.

For all other student related services, contact Chalmers' Student Centre​

If a grading decision contains an obvious inaccuracy due to typing errors, calculation errors or the like, you can fill in the review form below and e-mail it to the study office.


E-mail: studieadm.f@chalmers.se​
Phone: 031-772 31 33 or 031-772 32 57

Visiting address

Fysikgården 1, Origo floor 5 (Verksamhetsstöd F)

Find your way to the Student Office at Physics (maps.chalmers.se)


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