Research Infrastructure Unit

The research infrastructure unit at the department is led by Anders Kvist and has six co-workers. The unit was created in 2012 but it’s not until the start of 2015 that it has been staffed and running as a service for the department. It mainly runs the Chalmers Material Analysis Laboratory (CMAL) but can also provide other services to the employees of the department.

Lasse Urholm and LennartNorberg are Research Engineers who have been working together at Chalmers for the past 30 years. They provide a wide range of technical support from vacuum techniques and electronics to manufacturing with lathe and metal cutting machines.

Ola Löfgren is a System Engineer, specialised in Apple-computers. He is the it-support serving all the Mac-users at the department.

Annemarie Wagner is a Research Engineer and a resource when it comes to environment and safety issues. One of her areas of responsibility is the handling, registration and inventory of chemicals and gases and she can provide expertise when ordering such products.

Chalmers Materials Analysis Laboratory (CMAL)

Katarina Logg and Stefan Gustafsson are Research Engineers responsible for the CMAL. The laboratory is a Chalmers Infrastructure meaning that it serves all of Chalmers as well as external users such as businesses and other universities. Read more about the CMAL and its equipment


Peter Modh
Head of the division
Phone: 031-772 1605

Lasse Urholm
Research Engineer
Phone: 031-772 8506

Lennart Norberg
Research Engineer
Phone: 031-772 30 87

Ola Löfgren
System Engineer
Phone: 031-772 33 11

Annemarie Wagner
Research Engineer
Phone: 072 352 61 03

Published: Wed 15 Apr 2020.