DeMeGRaS - Detection mechanisms in graphene radiation sensors


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Chalmers University of Technology/MC2

Prof. August  Yurgens


Post Doc




University of Regensburg/Faculty of Physics

Prof. Sergey Ganichev


Post Doc,

Visiting researchers




CNRS/ Laboratoire Charles Coulomb (L2C)

Dr. Frédéric Teppe

Prof. Michel Dyakonov

3 Research Engineers, Post Doc,  Visiting researchers



Motivation and plan: 

  • Two major detection mechanisms in graphene radiation sensors: (photo)thermoelectric- and plasma (Dyakonov-Shur, DS) mechanisms.

  • The same functional form – it is difficult to tell the mechanisms apart in the common geometries.

  • One goal is to use unusual device layouts, which favor only one mechanism at a time.

  • More clues from the THz ratchet effects and detection measurements in the magnetic field.

  • An eye on practical detectors; may be even realize a constructive action of the both mechanisms.



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 Fig. An example of the device with the completely symmetric ac-current injection favoring only thermoelectric readout mechanism (G. Skoblin, et al., APL 112, 063501 (2018))

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