Prime Time for Into the Forest

On March 18, it is time for the Swedish premiere of the French-Swedish horror thriller "Into the Forest", which is partly recorded at MC2. The premiere takes place during the 25-year jubilee Film Festival at Dal.
"Into the Forest", or "Dans la foret" in original, is a story about two brothers – Tom, 8, and Benjamin, 11 – who travel from France to Sweden to spend their summer holiday with their father who they have not seen in a long time. It is a psychological horror-thriller directed by French director Gilles Marchand.
Filmed at MC2
Several scenes were filmed during autumn 2015 in the Nanofabrication Laboratory, where the main character has his workplace.
"He has the type of job that calls for a sterile environment where people work in protective clothing – and we are very happy to have found the right environment here at Chalmers. The clean room corresponds very well with the director's vision," said Frida Hallberg, one of the film's Swedish producers, in an interview in conjunction with the team's visit.
Loaned out instruments and attributes
MC2 also loaned out some instruments and attributes belonging to the research environment – such as posters, research items and other printed material.
"Into the Forest" is a co-production between French Les Films de Francoise, Swedish GötaFilm International, to which Frida Hallberg is associated, and Film i Väst. The main characters are played by Jérémie Elkaïm, Timothé Vom Dorp and Theo Van De Voorde.
Viewing at MC2 later on hopefully
At the Swedish premiere the film will be introduced by mayor Martin Carling (C), chairman of the municipal in Dals-Ed, along with the Swedish producers Frida Hallberg och Olivier Guerpillon. The Film Festival at Dal is Sweden's 3rd largest filmfestival with around 70 viewings in ten days.
MC2 hopes to be able to arrange a separate viewing of "Into the Forest" later this spring.
Text: Michael Nystås

Published: Thu 09 Mar 2017. Modified: Mon 13 Mar 2017