Packed Centre Day for ChaseOn and GigaHertz Centre

On 14 November, Chalmers excellence centres ChaseOn and GigaHertz Centre will arrange their joint day in Palmstedtsalen. Specially invited key note speaker is Bram Nauta, Professor at the University of Twente.
Centre directors Jan Grahn, Professor of Microwave Technology at MC2, and Erik Ström, Professor of Communications Systems at the Department of Electrical Engineering – E2, invite you to a full and intense day. On the agenda there are presentations of ongoing research collaborations between Chalmers and the business community in microwave technology and antenna systems, currently nine projects, and plenty of opportunities to network and connect with new contacts. The day ends with a gala dinner at the restaurant Hyllan in the student union building.

The key note speaker Bram Nauta (picture to the right) has been active at the University of Twente for many years. There he leads the research group Integrated Circuit Design. On the centre day he will give a lecture entitled "Towards Flexible Channel Filtering in low-GHz Receivers".
Jan Grahn describes Nauta's speech as a very timely subject with a clear link to ongoing research within 5G at both centres.
A wide range of speakers from Chalmers and the cooperating business community participate.
"As a whole, it will be an exciting and technically very interesting event, with contributions from Chalmers and companies within communications and sensors for many different applications: telecom, space, defence, medicine and vehicles. Don’t miss the opportunity to get updated on what is happening at the research forefront of these important technical areas within wireless", says Jan Grahn.

The centres' joint international advisory council and steering board will also be present during the day. In connection with the Centre Day, the ChaseON and GHz Centre General Assembly Meeting will be held for the 23 members.

Text and photo: Michael Nystås

Centre Day 2017
Date and time: 14 November, 2017, 10: 00-19: 00
Location: Palmstedtsalen, Chalmers Student Union Building, Campus Johanneberg

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