​Ulf Södervall and Mattias Fredriksson with the new user manual. Photo: Michael Nystås

New user manual for the cleanroom

A brand new manual with safety instructions for the Nanofabrication Laboratory at MC2 has been launched after the summer. Now both new and old users will be trained with the new printed matter as the basis.
The first manual was already published when the Nanofabrication Laboratory – called the cleanroom in popular speech – was opened 17 years ago. From the beginning, it was important to have common safety instructions. These were written down and handed out when the lab users went to the compulsory education required for them to stay in the clean room.

When the national network Myfab started, the corresponding laboratories at the Royal Institute of Technology, Uppsala University, and eventually Lund University joined. The existing manual was updated to apply to all the included Myfab environments.
"Then we got a common manual, and a base that could apply everywhere for all users. It was created so we would have the same training in the different labs. Users in one lab could easily come in and work in another lab, as we had the same base and information", says Ulf Södervall, who conducted the work of preparing the fresh manual together with Mattias Fredriksson.

It has been a comprehensive project which has been going on for several years. After the past summer, the goal was finally reached, and this autumn the new printed manual has begun to be used in the lab education, for which Ulf Södervall is responsible. Mattias Fredriksson was linked to the project in autumn 2015.
"The base has always been the old manual, but we have done a fairly extensive revision of the content," says Ulf Södervall.

Mattias Fredriksson fills in:
"First of all, we have tried to cut away all that is not necessary to include, all that is unimportant to a lab user. Much information was "fun to know" but was not needed", he says.

New rules and guidelines have also been added over the years, something that is now included in the updated manual.
"The demands have been tightened in a variety of ways for handling chemicals after we started. New is also different images for how to identify chemicals. You should also be able to carry out risk analyzes. Generally, we have tried to raise the rib for safety work in the lab. Some things are regulated by law, but it has also happened a lot more," says Ulf Södervall.

At MC2, all new and previous users will be given a new mandatory follow-up training – a security update course called "Safety Update" – where the new manual is used and in focus. It will affect about 300 people in total. Another news is that the update rate should return on a regular basis to allow all users to access the latest information.
"In chemistry, things happen all the time, as those who went 7-10 years ago did not know. The idea is also that those who do not attend the follow-up course will lose their competence, and therefore every other or every third year must participate in this course", says Ulf Södervall.

The fresh manual is a lavish print, unlike the previous electronic pdf, which was distributed to the users. The fact that you now have a solid book to give users, they believe can increase the motivation to also read it properly. The stylish graphic design is made by Mattias Fredriksson.
"I took it because I think layout work is pretty fun", he says a bit modestly.

The disposition is very well thought out. It's easy to quickly find the information you are looking for. The manual also includes four shorter appendixes with local rules specific to each of the four included Myfab laboratories.
"Once we were done, the air went out of a rather pleasant way", Mattias Fredriksson notes with a smile.

Text and photo: Michael Nystås

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Published: Thu 28 Sep 2017.