Marika Svensson and Gergely Hrubó awarded for best master's theses

Marika Svensson and Gergely Hrubó have been awarded with the Microwave Road Scholarship for best master's thesis 2016, in the area of antenna and microwave engineering.
​Marika Svensson gets the award of 10 000 SEK and a diploma for her thesis “Properties of sparse array antennas – a trade-off investigation”. Gergely Hrubó is awarded for his thesis “Full 3D modeling of waveguide-embedded frequency multiplier arrays”. The winners got their scholarships at a ceremony on 24 April, handed over to them by Dag Jungenfelt, chairman of Microwave Road.
Microwave Road is a national cluster focusing on international technology and market development uniting industry, universities, research institutes and regional and national public authorities.

Text: Michael Nystås
Photo: Hans Hjelmgren

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Page manager Published: Fri 19 May 2017.