Major coverage of photonics research in Elektroniktidningen

Peter Andrekson, Anders Larsson, Åsa Haglund and Magnus Karlsson, all at the Photonics Laboratory at MC2, were extensively covered in Elektroniktidningen #1 2017.
The important branch news magazine dedicated six pages for its major coverage, under the headline "Cutting edge photonics research".

At Chalmers in Gothenburg, four research leaders are contributing to world-class Swedish photonics research. They are ramping up the data rate and reducing energy consumption. Noise-free amplifiers and blue surface emitting lasers are other challenges in their labs.

Chalmers’ photonics research is at the cutting edge. The lab has been developing lasers for over 20 years, and new challenges are on the agenda. Right now, the researchers face challenges such as noise-free optical amplifiers, blue surface emitting lasers, higher data rates in data centres, and lower power consumption. Four leaders are guiding the teams to achieve results: Peter Andrekson, Anders Larsson, Åsa Haglund and Magnus Karlsson.

MC2 is of course very happy about this great attention which highlights one important area of ours. All articles are written by reporter Anna Wennberg at Elektroniktidningen. Photographs are taken by Henrik Sandsjö.

Read the articles online at the website of Elektroniktidningen >>>

Peter Andrekson: Reaching further in the fibre and aiming for Mars

Åsa Haglund: On the way towards blue surface emitting laser

Anders Larsson: Holistic solutions for higher data rates

Magnus Karlsson: Hunting energy thieves in the optical fibre network

Published: Thu 18 May 2017.