Göran Johansson awarded with the Albert Wallin Science Prize

Göran Johansson, professor of applied quantum physics at MC2, has been awarded with the Albert Wallin Science Prize 2015 by the Royal Society of Arts and Sciences (KKVS) in Gothenburg. "It's a great honour to receive this award. It's my first prize", says Göran Johansson.
Göran Johansson. 
The Albert Wallin Science Prize of SEK 50 000 is awarded annually to a researcher with remarkable results within his/hers area. Every other year the award goes to a scientist or medical researcher, and every two years to a social sciences or humanities researcher. Göran Johansson will receive his award at the KVVS annual summit on 24 January.
"It's extra fun to get the prize as a physicist, because it's an award valid for all disciplines. I am also looking forward to the award ceremony at the annual formal meeting of KVVS", he says.

The jury's motivation:

Göran Johansson has come to play an important role in research in quantum physics that has been conducted at Chalmers in recent years, which has been published in highly reputable journals. Particular attention was given to an article in the journal Nature, describing the so-called dynamic Casimir effect. In this experimental work, which has been compounded by Göran Johansson's theory, scientists have captured photons that constantly appear and disappear in a vacuum. In the press, this has been described as "creating light from vacuum".

Albert Wallin

Albert Wallin was a chief physician at Ekmanska hospital in Gothenburg. On several occasions in the early 1950s he donated on money to KVVS. Some of these funds were allocated to a fund that is used for an annual prize which was awarded for the first time back in 1957.
Text and photo: Michael Nystås

Published: Fri 18 Dec 2015. Modified: Mon 23 Oct 2017