​Göran Johansson is co-director of the Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Area of Advance. Photo: Michael Nystås

Seventh networking event for AoA Nano

16 June is the last chance to enroll in the annual community building event with the Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Area of Advance (AoA). This year, all interested Chalmers researchers will gather at Strandbaden in Falkenberg on 21-23 August.
​We asked a few questions to Göran Johansson, co-director of the Area of Advance, Professor of Applied Quantum Physics and Head of the Applied Quantum Physics Laboratory at MC2.

What is the AoA community building activity?

"It's AoA Nano's biggest annual event, where all nano researchers at Chalmers gather and listen to first-class external lecturers and discuss research at one of the world's best cross-disciplinary nano-poster sessions," says Göran Johansson.

Who is the target group?

"All nano researchers at Chalmers."

How many times has it been arranged before?

"Yearly since AoA Nano started, I think it's the seventh edition this year."

How many participants are expected to come?

"Between 100 and 150."

What will happen?

"We will have invited speakers, poster session, team-building, scientific speed-dating or similar interdisciplinary activity.

Which are the highlights?

"In addition to our invited speakers, the poster session is a definite highlight!" concludes Göran Johansson.
The detailed program will be finished and announced later this summer.
Text and photo: Michael Nystås

Published: Mon 12 Jun 2017. Modified: Mon 28 Aug 2017