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Chalmers THz workshop 2016. Bringing THz technology to life sciences

Research instruments utilising different regimes of the electromagnetic spectrum have been fundamental for the fruitful development of modern life science. The terahertz frequencies reside between the ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum exploited in microwave engineering and optics, and despite of their unique interaction with biomolecules, their possibilities for life science development have reminded largely unexplored. Various reasons, including challenges in generating and detecting the waves in this range, have made progress difficult. The recent development of advance terahertz applications, mainly driven by space applications, has opened up new possibilities also for lifesciences. In this workshop, which became possible thanks to the Chalmers Areas of Advance price 2016, we aim to bring together researchers with an interest in this new interdisciplinary research area. The workshop offers a number of selected talks by renowned international experts and plenty of discussion time to identify scientific and technical challenges, find solutions to practical problems, share experiences, and find new possible collaborations.

Published: Mon 27 Jun 2016. Modified: Thu 25 Aug 2016