Research Groups

The research of QDP extends over a variety of different topics. QDP is therefore divided in to sub groups.

Quantum Devices & Oxide Electronics

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Headed by Professor Avgust Yurgens and Sergey Kubatkin.
The group has its origin in superconductivity and superconducting electronics and has moved towards oxide based materials, such as ceramic superconductors, ferroelectric and manganite materials. Present activities include basic thin film growth and material studies to form the basic building blocks both for fundamental investigations as well as for devices with quantum limited sensitivity and operation up to terahertz frequencies.

Bolometer Group

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Headed by Associate Professor Leonid Kuzmin
The goal of Bolometer Group is development of the next generation of superconducting detectors for ground-based and space Cosmology Experiments.

The Saroj Dash Group

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Headed by Associate Professor Saroj Dash
Our research aims for future generation of nanodevices that could become non-volatile, versatile, fast and capable of simultaneous data storage and processing; with less energy consumption. We perform research and education on Quantum device physics and Spintronic devices with Graphene, 2D semiconductors, van der Waals heterostructures of 2D materials, Silicon nanostructures, and Topological Insulators.

Published: Mon 15 Apr 2013. Modified: Tue 05 Dec 2017