Bolometer Group

Recent cosmology experiments have discovered that the Universe consists of 73% Dark Energy, 23% Dark Matter, and only 4% ordinary matter. The Nobel Prize 2006 was awarded for the experimental observation of anisotropies in the Cosmic Microwave Background radiation, and the subsequent realization that the expansion of the Universe is controlled by unknown forces. Experiments to resolve the nature of these mysterious dark components will require a new generation of ultra-sensitive detectors. One particular experiment relates to measuring the polarisation of the CMB in order to detect gravity waves in the early moments of the Big Bang.
The goal of Bolometer Group is development of the next generation of superconducting detectors for ground-based and space Cosmology Experiments. We have proposed for this purpose a novel concept of the ultra-sensitive Cold-Electron Bolometer (CEB). The concept is based on exciting effect of electron cooling of a nano-scale absorber.
The bolometer nanostructures are fabricated in the MC2 Microtechnology Center. The samples are measured in helium and cryogen-free cryostats of Oxford Instruments. We are developing the CEB sensors in tight collaboration with Cambridge, Oxford and Rome Universities.

Published: Wed 24 Oct 2012.