Research Groups

Millimeterwave/THz integrated circuits

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Due to the increasing data traffic in the mobile communication infrastructure, driven by consumer applications such as smartphones and wireless connectivity, new innovative solutions for the backhaul communication are needed.
We design integrated circuits based on silicon, and III-V technologies, for future system applications aiming at high data rate wireless and fiber communication, and remote sensing. Our main projects are circuit design and fabrication for high data rate communication aiming at bitrates well above 10 Gbps utilizing unused spectrum at 70-86, 120, 145 and 220 GHz, and THz imaging systems utilizing highly integrated multipixel sensors. By using the most advanced semiconductor technologies available today we can practically demonstrate circuits with unique functionality aiming at new system applications.

High efficiency microwave power amplifiers

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Microwave power amplifiers dominate the mobile network overall energy consumption. Our research is therefore focused on different techniques for improving the electrical efficiency of microwave high power amplifiers and transmitters for wireless infrastructure applications. A cross-disciplinary approach is used where fundamental research on high efficiency switched mode power amplifier circuit design is combined with research on novel transmitter architectures incorporating advanced digital signal processing methods and using unique widebandgap components developed at MC2. This research is performed in close collaboration with researchers at the Department of Electrical Engineering. 

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