Micro- and Nanosystem Fabrication and Integration

At the Electronics Materials and Systems Laboratory (former known as BioNano Systems Laboratory), research is focused on carbon based device fabrication, characterization, interconnect and packaging for electronics, microsystem and biomedicine.
We pursue biology-relevant physics-theory modelling and fundamental and applied materials physics. The materials research includes developing a parameter-free and computationally efficient theoretical characterization of sparse-matter challenges like, e.g., the carbon-based systems, and experiment-theory collaborations to study functional organics.

The Electronics Materials and Systems Laboratory is extremely active in European research. We are currently running 9 EU projects in the area of nanoscale heat dissipation materials, carbon nanotubes and graphene, supercapacitors, gap waveguide and molecular electronics.


Head of Laboratory

Professor Johan Liu, johan.liu@chalmers.se, +46 (0)31 772 3067

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