Industrial partners:
The center is collaborating with the following partners in a number of various ways: The center is collaborating with Ericsson, Mydata Automation and Note in a program called Chepro funded by the National Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF) on Integrated Electronics Design and Production
The center has formed a joint lab with Note AB in the area of advanced manufacturing and packaging technology.
The center is collaborating with Hitachi Chemicals, Japan on anisotropic conductive adhesives for ultra fine pitch interconnect applications.
Research partners:
Bio-, Electronics Materials and Packaging group
Micro- and Nanosystems group
VLSI Research group
Surface and Microstructure Engineering
Division of Material and Computational Mechanics
International collaborating partner:
The SMIT Center in Sweden is collaborating with Sino-Swedish Microsystem integration Technology (SMIT) Center, Shanghai, China for student and researcher exchange as well as in research projects collaboration. The SMIT Center, Shanghai has today extensive collaboration with Intel, USA, Henkel, Germany.

Page manager Published: Fri 12 Apr 2013.