MC2 Spin-offs

Collaboration and interaction with industry is an important part of the activities at the Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience - MC2. MC2 is therefore constantly seeking for new strategic alliances with industrial partners where a matching between our research and industrial needs can be identified.

Pico Solve (optical sampling system)- now Exfo Sweden AB, a part of Exfo

Food Radar

Wasa Millimeter Wave (THz sources)
Midorion (biosensors using single electron effects)- now Layerlab
Smoltek (carbon structures)
Nanofactory Instruments AB (in-situ instruments for TEM and SEM)
Smart High Tech AB (SHT AB)- (Thermal interface materials)
Gotmic AB (mm wave MMIC)
Norse Semiconductors AB (wide bandgap devices and circuits)
Low Noise Factory (microwave low noise amplifiers)
Orthocone (liquid crystal technology- orthoconic AntiFerroelectric Liquid Crystals)
3Dtro AB (electro-spinning solutions)

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