Doctoral Programme

Doctoral studies at Chalmers

About one-fifth of the graduate engineers and architects go on to doctoral programs at Chalmers. These lead to a licentiate of engineering after about two and a half years and to a Ph.D after five to six years.  The doctoral students, with the help of their supervisors, choose their courses to suit their field of scientific interest. Their research also introduces them to networks of international contacts.  Most of the doctoral students assist in the teaching at Chalmers, and a few of them choose a work-study program.  The results of their research are usually published in international scientific journals. Eventually their dissertations are defended in public. Being awarded a Ph.D represents the recognition of the international scientific community.  Today an increasing number of industrial problems call for scientific methods, and industry therefore requires a growing number of qualified researchers.

Doctoral studies at MC2

A high-quality graduate school is the backbone of any successful research department. One of the goals at MC2 has been to create and maintain a graduate school that will support the present research and training activities and prepare for new challenges. The approach has been to create one single flexible programme in Microtechnology and Nanoscience, common for all MC2 PhD students. The programmes contains a small compulsory part common for all PhD students at Chalmers plus a number of elective, attractive high-quality “core courses”.

The connections between the PhD and Master's programmes play an important role in providing research relevance and “fast tracks” to PhD degrees. Quality assessment of the PhD thesis work at MC2 is assured by our thesis review committee.

Undertaking graduate studies is a unique situation. One studies a very specialised educational program with the goal of being awarded a doctoral degree and at the same time one is an employee of Chalmers, with all of the rights and responsibilities that position involves. The work and study life of a graduate student involves high demands, a great amount of responsibility as well as a great deal of freedom.
A good relationship between student and supervisor, involving openness regarding mutual expectations, contributes to the likelihood of a successful doctoral education.
Information for PhD students can be found at Chalmers Intranet.​
Vice-Head - Graduate Education
Magnus Karlsson
Director of Studies - Graduate Education
Per Lundgren

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