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If an academic career attracts you, then you should not miss this opportunity!
Information and pre-recruiting event targeting you as a student
The Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience – MC2, at Chalmers, would like to invite you to an exciting information and pre-recruiting event where you will have the chance to get to know more about the possibilities to become enrolled as a PhD student at MC2.
Apart from presenting some of the presently hottest research areas taking place at the department, including quantum computers, we will also give you information on what it really means to become a PhD student, including conditions, opportunities, and rewards. You will also have the possibility to interact and mingle with researchers and PhD students, giving you the chance to get to know more, on a first hand basis, about their experiences, challenges and opportunities connected to this academic career path.
Open house to state of the art lab infrastructure
Apart from all this, we will also open our labs to you, including the state of the art cleanroom infrastructure where the future takes place right now, as well as the measurements and characterization labs for high speed electronics and photonics. Don’t hesitate! Come and listen, and get inspired by a fantastic environment! It will be fun, we promise!
The agenda will start with short presentations of the research taking place and some projects where we will have large PhD recruitment campaigns, followed by mingling where different thematic stations will be available for you to discuss questions related to a PhD academic carrier.
And remember, a diploma work within the suitable engineering area can be an entrance port towards a PhD student career! If you still haven’t started, or chosen your diploma work, come and check the offers available at the department!

Last day for registration is 10 December

Please contact
Cristina Andersson for more information
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Published: Tue 05 Dec 2017.