WACQT Laboratory Course in Quantum Technology

  • Course code: FMCC090
  • Course higher education credits: 6.0
  • Course is normally given: English
  • Language: The course will be given in English

The course consists of four experimental labs, including preparatory lectures and exercises. Each lab will be performed at a different university and last in total two to three days. The respective university and lab title are:

 ·   Quantum Information with Rare-Earth Ions
University: Lund.

  ·   Quantum Algorithms and Quantum Key Distribution
University: Linköping.

 ·   Single and entangled photons and their use in quantum communication
University: KTH

 ·   Quantum Information in Superconducting Circuits
University: CTH.

Lab descriptions and background material available at each individual lab homepage
Göran Johansson
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