Micro- and nanoprocessing technologies

  • Course code: FMCC015
  • Course higher education credits: 7.5
  • Graduate school: Microtechnology and Nanoscience
  • Course is normally given: Course is normally given LP3. Lectures 26 hours. Tutorials 3*2 hours.
  • Language: The course will be given in English
The objective for this course is to introduce the students to the basic and advanced processing technologies that are used today in modern micro- and nano fabrications cleanroom facilities. It will present a theoretical description of the fundamental principles of physics and science as a base to understand different processing stages. This base is important in order to give a knowledge e.g. for advanced decisions in processing development and optimization. Applications of each process will be carefully discussed to give an understanding of limitations, restrictions and features on each processing step.

Who can attend: Graduate/Masters students in Engineering Physics, Electronics, MC2, Chemistry/Bio or industrial with a ¿relevant background¿.

Content of the course: The course covers micro and nano fabrication technologies including cleanroom construction technology, wet etching, dry etching, optical and e-beam lithography, ion implantation, evaporation, front-end, back-end, sputter deposition, thermal processing.

Examination Requirements: A completed project work (including oral presentation and written report), home assignments and review work. The student should be present on at least 80% percent of the lectures and tutorials.
¿Fabrication Engineering at the Micro and Nanoscale¿ is used as the base of the course. But also separate material as distributed by the lecturers. The book is available as free E-book at Chalmers Library. Author; Stephen A. Campbell. Oxford University Press, 2008.
Several teachers are involved in this course. All lectures are presented by a research scientist/lecturer that has a thorough knowledge and a long time experience from processing on the actual processing step.
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