​Examination is composed of two parts:
1. (60 points) Written exam (Compulsory). Exam problems and questions will be selected from the ones suggested as home work by lecturers.

2. (6 points) Writing and presenting an original research proposal (Compulsory). (3-5 pages long) presenting an original idea based on the theoretical ideas and experimental lectures. If (and only if) the project is interdisciplinary, two students with complementary background (for ex. physics and chemistry) can present a common project.

3. (2+2 points) Serve as opponent for two other projects. The opponent he has to prepare two questions and provide a constructive criticism. Points will be awarded only for good

4. To be present at >70% of the lectures.

Course grades are calculated as:
41-70 points - 5
31-40 points - 4
21-30 points - 3
<21 points - Fail

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