Techniques for Personal Indoor Navigation


It is well-known that the world nowadays to a large extent relies on the use of satellite navigation systems like GPS USA, GLONASS (Russia), and Gallileo (EU). Hand-held devices for personal navigation are available at many stores.

However, their use is restricted to outdoor areas. This is because buildings as such attenuate and/or reflect the satellite signals because of metal roof structures and concrete walls and floors containing reinforcement metal bars. Thus, indoor navigation equipment is not available for general use yet.

There are many occasions when a suitable navigation aid would be handy:
  • Looking for merchandise in a supermarket
  • Finding a book in a library
  • Navigating to someone’s room in an office building
  • and more . . .


  • Investigate possible (known) methods for use at indoor navigation
  • Design such a system on paper
  • Possibly build and measure on a subsystem prototype


1 –2 engineering students, preferably with a background towards microwaverelated subjects.


For more information, please contact:
Peter Linnér

Published: Tue 10 Sep 2013.