Fiber optical parametric amplifier (FOPA) characterization

​Ideally, a FOPA will use the Kerr nonlinearity to perfectly phase conjugate the input signal(s).However, a FOPA is a distributed process and so the properties of the fiber and the signal will affect the conversion efficiency (i.e. power) and quality (i.e. similarity to an ideal phase conjugate) of the output signal. The student undertaking this project will use numerical simulations to investigate the how a practical FOPA compares to the ideal case.
The student will use a numerical model to characterize FOPA properties for a WDM signal. The impact of various fiber parameters (length, dispersion, attenuation, nonlinear co-efficient) and signal parameters (modulation format, symbol rate, channel spacing) will be investigated.

Contact: Benjamin Foo,

Focus: Numerical simulations

Published: Wed 13 Dec 2017.