Statistics Seminar

Please notice that the list below is subject to changes. The time for the seminar is 14.15 and the location is seminar room MV:F21, Skeppsgränd 3, unless otherwise noted.


21/9, Johan Larsson, Lund University: The Hessian Screening Rule and Adaptive Paths for the Lasso. Abstract

12/10, Konstantinos Konstantinou, Chalmers/GU: TBA

19/10, Alice Corbella, Warwick University: TBA

Past seminars this year:
19/1, Anna Dreber Almenberg, Stockholm School of Economics: (Predicting) replication outcomes. Abstract
2/2, Claudia Redenbach, Technische Universität Kaiserslautern: Using stochastic models for segmentation and characterization of spatial microstructures. Abstract
16/2, Fredrik Johansson, Chalmers: Making the most of observational data in causal estimation with machine learning. Abstract
2/3, Andrea De Gaetano, IRIB CNR: Modelling haemorrhagic shock and statistical challenges for parameter estimation. Abstract
16/3, Fredrik Lindsten, Linköping University: Monte Carlo for Approximate Bayesian Inference. Abstract
30/3, Manuela Zucknick, University of Oslo: Bayesian modelling of treatment response in ex vivo drug screens for precision cancer medicine. Abstract
6/4, ​Prashant Singh, Uppsala University: Likelihood-free parameter inference of stochastic time series models: exploring neural networks to enhance scalability, efficiency and performance. Abstract
11/5, Ilaria Prosdocimi, University of Venice: Statistical models for the detection of changes in peak river flow in the UK​
25/5, Matteo Fasiolo, University of Bristol: Generalized additive models for ensemble electricity demand forecasting. Abstract
8/6, Seyed Morteza Najibi, Lund University, Functional Singular Spectrum Analysis with application to remote sensing data. Abstract​
25/8, Jonas Wallin, Lund University: Locally scale invariant proper scoring rules. Abstract
14/9, Moritz Schauer, Chalmers/GU: The sticky Zig-Zag sampler: an event chain Monte Carlo (PDMP-) sampler for Bayesian variable selection. Abstract

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