Statistics Seminar

Please notice that the list below is subject to changes. The time for the seminar is 14.30-15.30 and the location is seminar room MV:L14, Chalmers tvärgata 3, unless otherwise noted.


Past seminars this year:

18/1, Emilia Pompe, University Oxford: Robust inference using Posterior Bootstrap. Abstract
25/1, Tomáš Mrkvička, University of South Boemia: What can be proven by functional test statistics: The R package GET. Abstract
 8/2, Arno Solin, Aalto University: On the link between neural networks and stationary Gaussian process priors. Abstract
22/2, Paula Moraga, KAUST: Combined analysis of spatially misaligned data using Gaussian fields and the stochastic partial differential equation approach. Abstract
1/3, Maria Skoularidou, Cambridge University: Estimating the directing information and testing for causality. Abstract
12/4, Radu Stoica, Université de Lorraine: Random structures and patterns in spatio-temporal data: probabilistic modelling and statistical inference. Abstract
19/4, Ottmar Cronie, Chalmers/GU: Point process learning. Abstract
17/5, Marina Axelson-Fisk, Chalmers/GU: Comparative gene finding on highly diverse chromosome alleles. Abstract
7/6, Nicoletta D'Angelo, Università degli Studi di Palermo: TBA​

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