8/1, Salme Kärkkäinen, University of Jyväskylä, (Orientational) analysis of fibrous structures
17/1, Federico Camia, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Conformal Loop Ensembles and Critical Percolation
24/1, Anastassia Baxevani, On Series Decomposition of Fractional Brownian Motion
31/1, Richard Wilson, Queensland, The highs and lows of statistical collaboration with engineers and biologists - modelling wind downbursts and seasonality in koala reproduction
7/2, Stig Larsson, Finite element approximation of the stochastic heat equation driven by additive noise
21/2, Raphaël Cerf, Université de Paris-Sud, Nucleation and growth for the Ising model in d dimensions at very low temperatures
26/2, Daliang Chen, Statistical problems encountered in climate study
28/2, Patrik Albin, Upcrossing theory with Rice formula for non-differentiable stochastic processes with application to pure-jump processes
13/3, Keith Humphreys, MEB, Karolinska Institutet, Pathway based approaches for genetic association analysis
27-28/3, Symposium in honour of Peter Jagers
28/3, Vygantas Paulauskas, Vilnius University, On Beveridge-Nelson decomposition and limit theorems for linear random fields
1/4, Marc Prevosto, Brest, Failure probability of dynamic marine structures
1/4, Krzysztof Podgórski, Lund, A class of non-Gaussian second order spatio-temporal models
10/4, Bernt Wennberg, Propagation of Chaos for the Boltzmann Equation
17/4, Robust konstruktionsteknik för ökad tillförlitlighet - tillförlitlighet och variation
24/4, Peter Mörters, Bath, News from the Brownian frontier
8/5, Olav Kallenberg, Auburn University, Lokal approximation och betingning i Dawson-Watanabe superprocesser (Local approximation and conditioning in Dawson-Watanabe superprocesses)
15/5, Vladimir A. Vatutin, Moskva, Local limit theorems for random walks conditioned to stay positive
20/5, Bala Rajaratnam, Stanford University, Flexible Covariance Estimation in Gaussian Graphical models
22-23/5, Workshop Samhälle och sociala dilemman: spelteoretisk och annan matematisk modellering
3/6, Jon Wellner, Seattle, Nemirovski's inequality revisited
9-13/6, Workshop Nonsmooth Inference, Analysis and Dependence
12/6, Fima Klebaner, Monash, Simulation and ruin analysis in the constant elasticity of variance model (CEV)
17/6, Ken Stephenson, Knoxville, Tennessee, Emergent conformal structure and an extension of Thurston's Conjecture
28/8, Rebecka Jörnsten, Department of Statistics and Biostatistics, Rutgers University, Simultaneous Model Selection via Rate-Distortion Theory, with Applications to Clustering and Significance Analysis of Gene Expression Data
11/9, Alexandra Jauhiainen, licentiatexamen, Microarray Analysis of mRNA Decay Assays and Prediction of Drug Target Conservation
11/9, David Steinsalz, Oxford, Mutation and Selection in Age-structured Populations
18/9, Oleg Seleznjev, Umeå, Random databases with approximate record matching
19/9, Mattias Sundén, disputation, Some Markov Processes in Finance and Kinetics
22/9, David Applebaum, Sheffield, Spectral Properties of Semigroups of Measures on Lie Groups
25/9, Vicky Fasen, Technical University of Munich, The asymptotic behaviour of a workload process with a Poisson cluster input
9/10, Julius Borcea, Stockholms universitet, Negative correlations, phase transitions and zeros of multivariate polynomials
6/11, Erik Broman, (Some new and some old results in) fractal percolation
20/11, Anders Karlsson, KTH, A law of large numbers for random walks on homogeneous metric spaces
4/12, Tommy Norberg, Added value in fault tree analysis
11/12, Paul Dickman, Karolinska Institutet, Relative survival - an introduction and recent developments
12/12, Viktor Olsbo, disputation, Spatial Analysis and Modelling Motivated by Epidermal Nerve Fiber Patterns
17/12, Jan Lennartsson, licentiatexamen, Modelling Precipitation in Sweden Using Multiple Step Markov Chains and a Composite Model

Published: Thu 10 Aug 2017.