25/1, Thomas Kaijser, Linköping, Markov chains with general state space. Examples and counter-examples
30/1, Stefan Eriksson, examensarbete, Sekreterarproblemet
8/2, Anders Malmberg, National Center for Atmospheric Research, A Stochastic Transport Model for Atmospheric Carbon Monoxide
23/2 Magnus Karlsson, disputation, Load Modelling for Fatigue Assessment of Vehicles - a Statistical Approach
1/3, Gilles Guillot, A statistical genetical model
6/3, Holger Dette, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Optimal designs, continued fractions and random matrices
9/3, Erik Brodin, disputation, Extreme Value Statistics and Quantile Estimation with Applications in Finance and Insurance
15/3, Philippe Soulier, Paris
20/3, Nadia Lalam, A quantitative approach for Polymerase Chain Reaction based on a Hidden Markov Model
19/4, Ben Cairns, Bristol, Conservation: what role for stochastic processes?
24/4, Patrik Albin, Convolution closure of exponential distributions
3/5, Yudi Pawitan, Karolinska Institutet, Evolution of likelihood ideas for statistical modeling and inference
15/5, Vladas Sidoravicius, Multi-source first passage percolation in "dangerous" environments
22/5, Rossitza Dodunekova, Good and proper block codes for error control
24/5, Anders Sjögren, disputation, Weighted Analysis of Microarray Experiments
24/5, Tom Britton, Stockholms universitet, Random graphs, epidemics and vaccination
1/6, Johan Svensson, disputation, Assessment of residual life for opportunistic maintenance
7/6, Johan Segers, Université catholique de Louvain, Multivariate regular variation of heavy-tailed Markov chains
8/6, Uncovering Hidden Patterns - a Symposium in Honour of Mats Rudemo
12/6, Ronald Meester, Colouring subcritical percolation clusters at random
4/9, Claudia Lautensack, Random Laguerre Tessellations with Application to Foam Modelling
6/9, Malin Östensson, examensarbete, Reporting of Adverse Events in Clinical Trials
13/9, Lutz Duembgen, Universität Bern, Statistical Modelling with Log-Concave Distributions: Asymptotics, Algorithms and Applications
19/9, Erik Bülow, examensarbete, Användning av och teorier om slumpmässig uppringning i Sverige
20/9, N. Yanev, Sofia, Limiting distributions in multitype branching processes
26/9, Pierre Alliot and Valerie Monbet, Laboratoire de Statistique Appliquée, Université de Bretagne Sud, Hidden Markov models for wind time series
26/9, Anastassia Baxevani, Spatio-temporal modelling of significant wave height
27/9, Mervete Mifataraj, examensarbete, Comparison of Model Based Gene Expression Indices
2/10, Nina Gantert, Münster, Random walks on randomly oriented lattices
4/10, Lars Rönnegård, Uppsala universitet, Mixed Linear Models and Gene Detection in Farm Animal Crosses
18/10, David Cox, Nuffield College, Oxford, Some Special Models Arising in a Study of an Infectious Disease
23/10, Niels Richard Hansen, Köpenhamn, Point process models in genome analysis
1/11, Serik Sagitov, Reduced branching processes with very heavy tails
6/12, Marta Sanz-Solé, Barcelona, Probability laws of stochastic waves
6/12, Robert Adler, Haifa, Kinematic formulae and Gaussian processes
6/12, Timo Koski, Stockholm, On probabilistic predictive detection of DNA motifs
7/12, Erik Kristiansson, disputation, Statistical Analysis of Gene Expression Data
13/12, Svante Janson, Uppsala, Två sorteringsproblem och maximala antalet följder av ettor i en följd nollor och ettor som ändras slumpmässigt
14/12, Oskar Sandberg, disputation, The Structure and Dynamics of Navigable Networks
20/12, Masoud Asgharian, McGill University, Survival Analysis and Length-Biased Sampling: An application to survival with dementia

Published: Tue 03 Jan 2017.