Suggesting colloquium speakers

People in lecture hall

The purpose of our colloquium is twofold: firstly, it is to provide an inspiring overview of a specific field of mathematics, secondly, it is to bring together students and staff from the entire department and to serve as the proverbial waterhole where contacts are made and maintained.

Anyone at the department is free to suggest a speaker for the colloquium. The requirements for a colloquium speaker is that she or he can lecture towards a general mathematical audience in a way interesting to a large part of the department. A colloquium is preferably focused more on the field at large and less on the speaker’s own contributions. A suggested guideline is to make the first fifteen minutes accessible to an undergraduate, while keeping the subsequent fifteen minutes accessible to our graduate students. If possible, a brief outlook into future developments and current open questions would be interesting in the talk.

If you can think of such a person, feel free to contact us:
Magnus Goffeng, (goffeng at chalmers dot se)
Richard Lärkäng, (larkang at chalmers dot se)
Philip Gerlee, (gerlee at chalmers dot se)

Page manager Published: Thu 06 Dec 2018.