Analysis and Probability Seminar

The seminar is joint for the division of Analysis and Probability and its main themes are Mathematical Physics, Probability Theory and Harmonic and Functional Analysis. The seminar is encouraged to be aimed at a broader audience, but some talks may be of a more specialised nature. The talks in the seminar are usually 60 minutes, including questions.

The seminar gradually returns to campus with possibility to attend online via Zoom (subject to technology working). Please contact an organizer for links to Zoom meetings.

Should you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to email one of the organizers Jakob Björnberg (jakobbj 'at', Probability Theory), Erik Broman (broman 'at', Probability Theory) or Clemens Weiske (weiske 'at', Analysis).

Coming seminars

2022-12-13 at 13:15, MVL14 and zoom
Caleb Eckhardt (Miami University)

Dimension theory of group C*-algebras

Abstract: I will gently define and motivate (nuclear) dimension theory in the study of group C*-algebras. Then I'll survey known results and open questions while focusing on some key examples to bring the motivation around full circle. The results are most satisfying for virtually polycyclic groups, and outside of this class our knowledge is spotty. Much of what I discuss is joint work with (some combination of) Gillaspy,Kleski, McKenney and Jianchao Wu.

2023-01-17 at 13:15, MVL14 and zoom
Sven Raum (Stockholm)

Title to be announced​

2023-01-31 at 13:15, MVL14 and zoom
Sanaz Pooya (Stockholm)

Title to be announced​

2023-02-07 at 13:15, MVL14 and zoom
Sergey Neshveyev (Oslo)

Title to be announced​

2023-02-14 at 13:15, MVL14 and zoom
Alexei Iantchenko (Malmö)

Title to be announced​

2022-02-28 at 13:15, MVL14 and zoom
Jasmin Matz (Copenhagen)

Ttile to be announced

2023-04-18 at 13:15, MVL14 and zoom
Anna Sakovich (Uppsala)

Title to be announced​

2023-05-09 at 13:15, MVL14 and zoom
Nina Gantert (Technical University of Munich, Jubileumsprofessor)

Title to be announced​

Previous seminars

2022-10-04 at 13:15, MVL14 and zoom
Eric Carlen (Rutgers)
​Uniform in N entropy production bounds for some quantum Kac models

2022-10-11 at 13:15, MVL14 and zoom
Makoto Yamashita (Oslo)

​Quantum symmetry of 3-homogeneous graphs

2022-10-25 at 13:15, MVL14 and zoom
Daniel Ahlberg (Stockholm University)

Sensitivity and chaos in spatial growth models

2022-11-01 at 13:15, MVL14 and zoom
Gianmarco Brocchi (Chalmers)

​Quadratic sparse domination

2022-11-08 at 13:15, MVL14 and zoom
Fredrik Viklund (KTH)

The Loewner-Kufarev energy and foliations by Weil-Petersson curves

​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​2022-11-15 at 13:15, MVL14 and zoom
Stas Volkov (Lund)

Conservative random walk and related topics

2022-11-22 at 13:15, MVL14 and zoom
Nadia Larsen (Oslo)

Equilibrium states of C*-algebras associated to right LCM monoids


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