The Teaching and Learning of Mathematics Research Group

The group conducts research in different aspects of mathematics education. Some of the areas of interest are teacher education, history of mathematics and mathematical reasoning,  teaching competencies, algebraic concepts, problems solving strategies, assessment, and gifted education. The main focus is on the university and upper secondary level, and the transition between the two. 

The PhD-students are part of the research theme Matematik och naturvetenskap​, which involves several departments and organizations engaged in mathematics- and natural science education research at the University of Gothenburg.



Samuel Bengmark Teaching Competencies, Teacher Education, Transition to Tertiary Mathematics Education, Engineering Education
​Laura Fainsilber ​Teacher Education for Primary and Secondary School Teacher, Mathematical Problem Solving and Classroom Culture, Transition to Tertiary Education
​Tommy Gustafsson Teacher Education, Engineering Education
Johanna Pejlare ​History of Mathematics, History of Mathematics Education, Algebra Education, Programming in mathematics. 

Doctoral students

Anna Holmlund Aspects of relevant algebraic concepts critical for student
​Semir Becevic ​Assessment

Former doctoral student in Mathematics Education at Mathematical Sciences.

Kerstin Pettersson, PhD ​"Algoritmiska, intuitiva och formella aspekter av matematiken i dynamiskt samspel: En studie av hur studenter nyttjar sina begreppsuppfattningar inom matematisk analys", 2008
Anna-Ida Säfström, PhD ​"Exercising Mathematical Competence: Practising Representation Theory and Representing Mathematical Practice", 2013
Linda Mattsson, PhD "Tracking mathematical giftedness in an egalitarian context", 2013
Helena Johansson, PhD "Mathematical Reasoning - In physics and real-life context", 2015
​Mikael Borke, PhLic ​"Matematisk och pedagogisk kunskap – Lärarstudenters uppfattningar av begreppen funktion och variabel", 2017
Éva Fülöp, PhD ​"Learning to solve problems that you have not learned to solve: Strategies in mathematical problem solving", 2019

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Historical note: Already in the nineties, before the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics Research Group was formed, the department had staff involved in mathematical education research, especially Mats Martinsson and Christina Nystedt.

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