Research area Probability Theory

Probability theory research group

The probability group conducts research in theoretical probability. Some of the areas which are covered by the group are: interacting particle systems and percolation, statistical mechanics, stochastic partial differential equations, mixing rates for Markov chains, ergodic theory, stochastic optimization, stochastic geometry and point processes.


We participate in the joint Analysis and Probability Seminar on Tuesdays, 15:15-16:15, room MV:L14. It is announced on the Calendar of Mathematical Sciences.

Group Members

​Teachers and researchers
Patrik Albin Aspects of stochastic processes including extreme values and SDE's
Michael Björklund ​Applications of ergodic theory within different areas of mathematics
Jakob Björnberg Statistical mechanics, spin systems
Erik Broman Statistical mechanics, fractal percolation, infinite range percolation, interacting particle systems
Malin Palö Forsström
Peter Hegarty ​Discrete probability
Olle Häggström Percolation, interacting particle systems, Markov chains
Johan Jonasson ​Discrete probability theory and statistical mechanics
Annika Lang Stochastic partial differential equations, random fields, stochastic simulation
Holger Rootzén Extreme value theory, empirical processes, Gaussian processes, statistics
Jeff Steif ​Particle systems, percolation and ergodic theory
Johan Tykesson ​Percolation theory
Johan Wästlund Random optimization problems, games, automated theorem proving
Sergei Zuyev ​Percolation, stochastic geometry, telecommunications modeling, stochastic stability and optimization, experimental design
PhD students
Mattias Byléhn ​Point processes and random measures on homogeneous spaces
​Richard Cullman
Lorents Landgren ​Poissonian random fractals, percolation on finite graphs


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