Mathematical optimization

 The research performed in the group focuses on two strongly connected areas: on the modelling and analysis of applied optimization problems arising in other sciences, industry, and society, and on the development and analysis of efficient algorithms for classes of large-scale optimization problems arising in these applications. We also develop theory that contributes to the characterization of optimal solutions for particular classes of optimization problems and thus contributes to the development and implementation of more effective solution methodologies for these problem classes.

The optimization group also offer courses at the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels on theoretical as well as applied optimization topics.



Ann-Brith Strömberg
Professor.  Applications and theory of (integer) linear optimization, non-differentiable convex optimization
Axel Ringh
​Assistant Professor. The intersection of applied mathematics and areas such as control theory, signal processing, inverse problems, and machine learning.
Michael Patriksson Professor. Nonlinear and convex optimization, industrial scheduling and traffic planning problems
Sunney Fotedar PhD student. Tactical resource allocation for efficient capacity utilization
​Caroline Granfeldt PhD student. Mathematical modelling of large-scale integration of variable electricity generation
​Gabrijela Obradović PhD student. Effect based aircraft maintenance planning and operations support
​Edvin Åblad PhD student. Combinatorial and geometrical optimization problems in autonomous automotive manufacturing

Previous members

Quanjiang Yu (PhD 2021​), Zuzana Nedělková (PhD 2018), Kin Cheong Sou (PhD) Assistant Professor​, Efraim Laksman (PhD) Postdoc, Emil Gustavsson (PhD 2015), Karin Thörnblad (PhD 2013​; article in MV news), Mahmoud Shafiee (PhD) Postdoc, Magnus Önnheim (TechLic 2013​, PhD 2016)​, Adam Wojciechowski (PhD 2012), Mehdi Sharifyazdi (PhD) Postdoc, Peter Lindroth (PhD 2011), Christoffer Cromvik (PhD 2009), Anna Nyström (TechLic 2007), Anton Evgrafov (PhD 2004), Niclas Andréasson (TechLic 2004), Fredrik Altenstedt (PhD 2003), Jakob Hultén (TechLic 2001) ​​​​​​​​​

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