Mathematical Statistics

The group conducts research developing stochastic models and statistical methods. The topics of interest are

For life science statistics see the webpage of the research group in Biomathematics and biostatistics.
Our research in various ways intersects with other research groups at the Department, in particular with the groups in Computational Mathematics, Probability theory, and Optimization.

Twitter account of the Statistics group: follow it for news on statistics seminars, job openings in Statistics and more.


We participate in the joint Statistics and Biomathematics Seminar on Thursdays, 13:15-14:15, room MV:L14. It is also announced in the Calendar of Mathematical Sciences.


Patrik Albin Extreme values
​David Bolin ​Spatial statistics
Olle Häggström ​Bayesian statistics and risk analysis
​Rebecka Jörnsten ​Biostatistics
Erik Kristiansson ​Biostatistics
​Petter Mostad ​Bayesian statistics and forensics
Staffan Nilsson ​Statistical epidemiology
​Umberto Picchini ​Bayesian inference and likelihood-free methods for stochastic modelling
Holger Rootzén ​Extreme values and risk analysis
Mats Rudemo ​Spatial statistics and image analysis
Igor Rychlik Ocean engineering modelling
​Serik Sagitov ​Statistical consulting
Aila Särkkä ​Spatial statistics
​Ziad Taib ​Medical statistics, biostatistics
​Philip Townsend
Sergei Zuyev ​Spatial statistics
​Jacques de Maré ​Reliability theory
Olle Nerman ​​Biostatistics
PhD Students
Oskar Allerbo ​Biostatistics
Sandra Eriksson Barman Extreme values and risk analysis
​Felix Held ​Statistical methods for description and estimation of undirected graphs
Anders Hildeman Spatial statistics
​Henrik Imberg ​Sampling theory
​Juan Inda ​Multi-omics data integration
Anton Johansson ​Deep learning, model selection for neural networks
​Jonatan Kallus ​Biostatistics
Marco Longfils ​Spatial statistics
​Helga Kristín Ólafsdóttir ​Extreme value theory, non-Gaussian models within spatial statistics
​Ivar Simonsson ​Bayesian statistics and forensics

Published: Tue 23 May 2017. Modified: Wed 31 Jul 2019