Research area Harmonic Analysis and Functional Analysis

Harmonic Analysis and Functional Analysis

We study a wide range of problems in classical and modern analysis, including spectral theory of differential operators on  manifolds, real harmonic analysis and non-smooth partial differential equations, perturbation theory, non-linear partial differential equations, special functions and their applications in  physics, operator theory and operator algebras, non-commutative geometry, abstract harmonic analysis, topological K-theory and index theory, ergodic theory and application in geometry and number theory, representations of Lie groups and analysis on symmetric and locally symmetric spaces.


We participate in the joint Analysis and Probability Seminar usually on Tuesdays, 15:15-16:15, room MV:L14. It is also announced on the Calendar of Mathematical Sciences.


Michael Björklund ​Dynamical systems related to homogeneous spaces
Gianmarco Brocchi Real and harmonic analysis​
Ulla Dinger
​Eusebio Gardella ​Functional ​analysis, C*-dynamical systems
​Torbjörn Lundh
Jana Madjarova ​Partial differential equations
Maria Roginskaya ​Functional analysis, measure theory, fourier analysis
Andreas Rosén ​Real harmonic analysis and non-smooth partial differential equations
Hjalmar Rosengren ​Special functions and applications
Julie Rowlett Spectral theory​
Tatiana Shulman ​Functional analysis, in particular operator algebras
​Lyudmila Turowska ​Operator theory and operator algebras
​Genkai Zhang ​Representations of Lie groups and analysis on symmetric spaces
Jöran Bergh ​Analysis and various applications of mathematics to science and technology
​Philip Brenner
Peter Kumlin ​Nonlinear PDE
​Grigori Rozenblioum ​Mathematical problems arising in physics, especially quantum physics
Peter Sjögren ​Maximal functions and singular integrals
Clemens Weiske​ ​Representation theory of Lie groups and applications in related fields
​PhD students
Mattias Byléhn ​Harmonic analysis and dynamical systems
Rickard Cullman​ ​Functional analysis
​Åse Fahlander ​Functional analysis
​Jan Gundelach ​Noncommutative geometry, (operator) algebras and stochastic processes
Robin van Haastrecht​ ​Weighted Fourier algebras
Carl-Joar Karlsson ​Geometry, analysis, applications in ecology, imaging and physics, and game theory
​Alexey Kuzmin ​K-theory and K-homology, operator algebras
​Dragu Atanasiu
​Jan-Olav Rönning

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