Examples of research projects

Numerical methods for integro-differential equations. (S. Larsson, M. Kovacs, F. Saedpanah, A. Mesforush. Collaborators: M. Enelund, Dept. of Applied Mechanics, M. Racheva, Technical University of Gabrovo)

Numerical methods for stochastic differential equations. (S. Larsson, M. Kovacs)

Numerical folding of airbags. (S. Larsson, Ch. Cromvik. Collaborators: K. Eriksson, University West, B. Pipkorn, Autoliv Research AB)

Adaptive FEM for optimal control in automotive applications. (S. Larsson, K. Kraft. Collaborators: M. Lidberg, Dept. of Applied Mechanics)

Numerical methods for the Kolmogorov-Petrovski-Piskunov (KPP) equation in combustion theory. (S. Larsson, B. Hakberg)

Published: Thu 14 Feb 2019.