Complex Analysis of Several Variables

​Complex analysis in several variables is a wide field of research; it is a branch of analysis but with strong connections to algebra and geometry. The group currently conducts research in residue theory with connections to commutative algebra, and analysis on singular spaces, e.g., division problems, the dbar-equation, and integral representation. Another research theme in the group is Kähler geometry. The emphasis is on the interplay between Kähler geometry,  positivity of direct image bundles and pluripotential theory  (notably in connection to Kähler-Einstein metrics and complex Monge-Ampère equations). Connections to convex geometry and Okounkov bodies, as well as to random point processes, are also explored.


We organize the KASS seminar.


Mats Andersson Multivariable residue theory
Robert Berman ​Analytical aspects of complex algebraic and differential geometry
Bo Berndtsson Complex analysis in several variables and complex geometry
Dennis Eriksson ​Algebraic geometry
Elin Götmark Complex analysis and partial differential equations
​Håkan Samuelsson Kalm ​Calculus of residue currents
​Richard Lärkäng Singular varieties and residue currents
David Witt Nyström ​Complex geometry
Daniel Persson 
Hossein Raufi
​Elizabeth Wulcan ​Multivariable residue theory and complex dynamics
​PhD students
Jimmy Johansson ​Complex analysis in several variables
Mattias Lennartsson Residue currents
​Antonio Trusiani
Mingchen Xia​
​Hasse Carlsson ​Boundedness properties of singular integrals and maximal functions


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