Research area Algebraic geometry and number theory

Algebraic geometry and number theory

The group conducts research in a diverse selection of topics in algebraic geometry and number theory. Areas of interest and activity include, but are not limited to: Clifford algebras, Arakelov geometry, additive number theory, combinatorial number theory, automorphic forms, L-functions, singularities, rational points on varieties, and algebraic surfaces.



​Teachers and researchers
Julia Brandes ​Number theory, diophantic equations
Dennis Eriksson ​Arithmetic and algebraic geometry
Laura Fainsilber ​Number theory, mathematics education
Peter Hegarty ​Discrete probability, combinatorial number theory and finite group theory
Christian Johansson ​Algebraic number theory, Langlands programme
Adam Keilthy ​Connections between algebraic geometry, physics and number theory
Stefan Lemurell ​Number theory, Langlands programme
Patrick Meisner ​Analytic number theory
​Daniel Persson ​Automorphic forms and string theory
​​Martin Raum ​​Modular forms
Per Salberger ​Number theory​, algebraic geometry
Jan Stevens ​Algebraic geometry, singularity theory
Anders Södergren ​Number theory
​PhD students
​Jan Feldmann ​Applications of representation theory and harmonic analysis to number theory
Kristian Holm ​Number theory
Tobias Magnusson ​Modular forms
Douglas Molin
Mykola Pochekai ​Bivariant K-theory and microlocal analysis
​Juliusz Brzezinski ​Interactions between number theory, algebra and geometry of orders in algebras over global fields
​​Ulf Persson ​Algebraic geometry

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