Postgraduate courses

​A quite large part of the doctoral education involves taking courses, mostly in mathematics or mathematical statistics, of course, but also some other courses in, for example, pedagogy and research ethics, which are taken together with doctoral students in other graduate schools/third-cycle subjects. Doctoral students may also read individual courses in other subjects if their examiner certifies that the course is relevant to their research.

The courses in mathematical statistics and mathematics are aimed partly at providing a general education in advanced mathematics, and partly at providing a basis for the research work. Some doctoral courses are given regularly at the department, while others are planned based on requests from doctoral students and teachers. The range of courses offered consists of two categories of courses:

1. Advanced level courses common to undergraduate and doctoral education.

2. "Pure" doctoral courses.

Postgraduate courses at Mathematical Sciences 2022/2023

See also the Nordic Five Tech list of Ph.D. courses here:

Ph.D. courses in mathematical statistics and statistics in Sweden: Grapes

Swedish E-science education, SeSE:

The different graduate schools/third-cycle subjects have special rules regarding compulsory courses, total number of credits, etc. These are described in the syllabi.

N.B.: All our courses are, unless stated otherwise, in principle open to everyone, there is no official limit on the number of participants. Any course can be taken for credit by any graduate student at Mathematical Sciences. Other students should obtain permission from an appropriate person of authority if they wish to take a course for credit.

Registering for courses

A. Joint MSc/PhD level courses

For Ph.D. students taking a Chalmers course:

Instructions for registering to courses and exams are found by following the below link. Note that it is mandatory to sign up for the exam in Ladok before deadline, and exceptions can not be made!

For Ph.D. students taking a GU course:
- apply to the course via To simplify the procedure, you can include a certificate from your supervisor indicating that the course will be counted as a PhD course.
- receive an email från Jeanette Montell-Westerlin with more information
- register to the course via Ladok
- register to the exam via Ladok

If the course is common between Chalmers and GU (has both a Chalmers and GU code), Chalmers Ph.D. students follow the Chalmers procedure and GU Ph.D. students the GU procedure.

B. PhD level courses

From Spring 2020, all such course must first be applied to in GUs new FUBAS system. Both GU and Chalmers PhD students sign up as GU PhD students using the GU x-account. You apply here.

Note that each course has an application deadline, please make sure you apply before the deadline. If you are accepted to the course (which, for students at MV, is usually a formality), then shortly after the application deadline you will receive a personal email, containing a link where you can register for the course. Once you are registered, the course examiner will be able to enter your grade directly into Ladok.

N.B.: The above procedure does not apply to the seminar courses. For these, follow the procedures on the respective course homepages.​​​

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