Postgraduate studies in mathematics and mathematical statistics

Postgraduate studies at the Department of Mathematical Sciences means advanced studies in mathematics or mathematical statistics by way of reading courses and working with a research project of your own. When you have passed the exam you have a doctoral degree, and have either the possibility to continue within the universities, or to launch a career in industry and business. It is also possible to take a licentiate degree after half the time of the education.

To be employed as a doctoral student at the department of Mathematical Sciences, you must first be admitted to either a graduate school or a third-cycle subject at Chalmers University of Technology or the University of Gothenburg. A doctoral position lasts five years at most. The doctoral education takes four years, but most students use 80% of the time to the education and 20% to other activities at the department. Most often this is to take part in the graduate education at Chalmers or the University of Gothenburg, but there are other tasks as well.

We look for new doctoral students every year and most often the positions are announced some time in December, while the applications should be sent in the middle of February at the latest.

Research project

The most important part of a doctoral education is the research project. Sometimes it may be part of a larger research project with several other researchers involved, both senior researchers and other doctoral students, but in pure mathematics it is more common for the doctoral student to work on a project of one’s own. There is always a supervisor involved, who may have suggested the research problem, and who participates in some extent in solving the problem, but projects with many people are more unusual.

The Department of Mathematical Sciences, the largest mathematical department in Sweden, has active researchers in many areas of mathematics and mathematical statistics. Our researchers and research areas are described here. Anyone interested in becoming a doctoral student should look at these pages and think about which areas seem to be the most attractive ones.

Page manager Published: Tue 19 May 2020.