By its very nature, bioinformatics is a discipline whose elements are practised in many different branches of the life sciences. This typically leaves bioinformaticians scattered over large parts of academic institutions, often without immediate venues for interaction. The speed at which bioinformatics moves ahead, in contrast, points at the need for knowledge and resource sharing.
The Gothenburg Bioinformatics Network – GOTBIN – is intended to bring together all Gothenburg researchers for whom bioinformatics is a part of their research. Three primary goals are…

  • …to maintain a voluntary registry of what Gothenburg researchers who practise bioinformatics as a component in their work, and where their primary expertise lies. It should be straightforward to find other local researchers tackling the same research problems as you are.
  • …to maintain a list of hardware and software resources relevant to bioinformatics in Gothenburg, and to promote sharing of these resources across departments. The fact that you may not have a local computer cluster should not have to mean that you do not have access to computational power.
  • …to promote and forward bioinformatics in Gothenburg. This includes offering services such as a mailing list, discussion forum, and organizing relevant seminars and get-togethers. To ask a question, or find people willing to help you out with any given task, must be easy.

GOTBIN is research oriented and organized on a voluntary basis without any funding. It has twelve founding members and hopes to associate all Gothenburg researchers inclined towards bioinformatics, again on a voluntary basis.

To be part of the network join our google group. Here you will find a list of local researchers and our activities.


Page manager Published: Mon 04 Sep 2017.