Research at Mathematical Sciences

The fields of expertise are wide and diversified. Some of the specialties within mathematics are spectral theory and harmonic analysis, complex analysis, kinetics, partial differential equations, algebraic geometry, number theory, optimization, combinatorics, probability, biomathematics and financial mathematics. In computational mathematics the work is mainly directed towards the numerical solution of partial differential equations and development of the finite element method.

The research in mathematical statistics is related to several fields of applications. Some of the areas are biostatistics and bioinformatics in cooperation with biologists, medical research and the pharmaceutical industry. Analysis of spatial models and image processing is related to environmental statistics. Risk analysis is another speciality that is based on the study of rarely occurring catastrophical events. Finally, a few of the research specialities in probability theory are stochastic processes, branching processes and particle systems.

The researchers are included in one or more of our research areas. We organize conferences and workshops, and produce a large number of publications. Much of the research is conducted in scientific collaboration with colleagues from near and far, and every year we host a large number of guests.

Page manager Published: Thu 06 May 2021.